Lean and natural beef and lamb

We raise our Limousin, Angus and Charolais steers and our sheep on naturally fertilized and regularly rotated pastures of native grasses. We use no antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones or other chemical products.

Our animals enjoy ample shade, deep well water and no-stress handling — all of which makes for healthier, happier animals.


A minimum down payment of $100 is required for a quarter share; $175 for a half share and $250 for a whole share, and is included in the final price. Quarters, sides and whole cows are available. Hanging weights average 500-550 lbs. An average quarter is 125-140 lbs. An average side is 250-280 lbs.

All processing and dressing fees of our processor are included in the final price of $4.95 per lb. hanging (or dressed) weight. Delivered weight will be less than hanging weight, depending on your preferences for trimming, deboning, etc. and your selection of specialty pieces (i.e. liver, bones, oxtail, tongue). Total cost per pound usually averages out to be about the price of ground sirloin at your neighborhood grocery.


Sold by the live weight for $3.15 per lb. Weights typically range from 85 to 100 lbs. Processing fees are included in that price. Delivered weights average 35 lbs., again depending on cuts and selections.

All meat is cut to your specifications (within constraints of each animal’s shape and size), wrapped and frozen for your pick-up. Our local processor is available to answer questions or to make specific recommendations.

Email: johnnywray17@gmail.com
Phone: 662.295.3986
Facebook: High Hope Farm