Naturally Raised.

At High Hope Farm we are committed to raising our cattle and lambs on pasture and are convinced this is not only best for the animal but also best for the consumer and for the environment. Our cattle are never fed grain, and only in the finishing stage (final six to ten weeks) do we supplement their diet with a non-grain feed especially prepared for them. Primarily they are grazed on pasture where we practice rotational\adaptive grazing. The cows are moved daily to fresh paddocks that are free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and other chemical inputs. Paddocks rest anywhere from 40 to 90 days – allowing plenty of times for plants to rest and recover, manure to break down and enrich the soil, and worm cycles to be interrupted and broken.

High Hope Farm is not “certified organic” nor certified by other ‘green’ labels. We are, however, committed to organic, sustainable, regenerative practices. Rather than spend the significant amount of money and time that is required for those certifications, we would rather be customer certified. Accordingly, all our customers and potential customers are always welcomed at the farm to see firsthand how our animals are raised and tended.