Lamb at High Hope Farm enjoy green grass, clean water, fresh air, and no stress. Rotating pastures brings healthy soil, flourishing grasslands, and happy animals.

Our lambs come from two hair, or meat, breeds of sheep that do well in the South’s warm and humid climate. The breeds are Katahdins and St. Croix.

We rotate our lambs every two to three days to fresh grazing paddocks and — like our steers — they never are administered any kind of chemical or pharmaceutical inputs, except an antibiotic if it means saving a life. Our pastures contain a number of forbs (plantain, chicory and even cedar) that the sheep love to eat. The grasses also combat worms.

Just like the steers, we have learned that rotating grazing areas, and providing regular use of apple cider vinegar and Basic H to their water — along with a variety of herbs to their diets — go a long way in controlling sickness without the use of chemicals. And our customers tell us the herbs are a good addition to taste.