Church in a Time of Coronavirus

I did the chores,
I mucked the stalls,
I moved the steers,
I herbed the lambs,
I fed the horses.
I picked up litter on the gravel road,
I weeded (a bit) in the garden
and fed the grass scraps to the chickens.
Then I took a walk in the woods
And prayed for the Huddled Masses along
The Syrian Turkish border and the US
Mexican border;
And the Quarantined and Isolated
In nursing homes and retirement centers
or alone in their homes and apartments;
And I gave thanks for the experts, the scientists,
the doctors, the nurses, the orderlies,
the janitors; the grocery store clerks; the
waiters; the dishwashers;
And asked forgiveness for the prattle of foolish
men, and repentance for the purveyors
and partakers of fear, fabrications and willful ignorance;
And I passed the peace with Jayber and Hvala, my
canine congregation.
And a canopied choir whispered the benediction:
“Go in peace to love and serve the Lord”.